One day in Civitavecchia: attractions, beaches and hotels.

If you have ever heard about Civitavecchia, you probably know that it is famous for its cruise port. Most tourists usually use this city as a starting point for their journey and they leave for different cities of Italy from here. But there is a lucky chance for you to learn about Civitavecchia, to see some breathtaking attractions just for one day! It seems very challenging to visit as many attractions here as possible for such a rather short time. So, let us tell you about something that each and every tourist must see himself.

The first one in our list of attractions of Civitavecchia will be Thermae Taurine (Terme di Traiano). When you look at it, it is so hard to believe that it was built thousands of years ago — Thermae Taurine still look gorgeous and amazingly well preserved. The second attraction is the Michelangelo Fortress (Fortezza Giulia) — the defense building made entirely of stone. The Michelangelo Fortress is a very massive and stately building, so you will be truly impressed. There is a legend about one part of the Michelangelo Fortress. According to it, Michelangelo himself designed the upper part of one of the main towers, in connection with which the fort received such a name. And the last but not the least we would like you to visit is the Cathedral of San Francesco from Assisi (San Francesco d’Assisi). It was built in 1610 in baroque and neoclassical styles. A perfect attraction to visit for true connoisseurs of baroque art. The facade of the building is decorated with statues of St. Francis and St. Anthony of Padua. When you come inside, you will see that there is a struggle of styles: more restrained and majestically luxurious — it looks fantastic with wide space and white and gold colours.

To sum up, we gave you a very brief list of attractions of Civitavecchia and truly hope that this town will be a perfect start of your trip. But do not forget to visit Rome, the famous and historically important capital of Italy! Our company will arrange transfer and make your trip comfortable, safe and pleasant. Also, you can order an excursion — you will be very pleased with the work of our guide! So, here are our contacts: +39-329-725-6761  (Viber, WhatsApp), Have a nice journey!