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One of the most comfortable and beautiful Italian towns is situated in the area of Rome — it is called Tivoli. If you really need to have a rest, to distance from the city`s noise and hurry, Tivoli is a perfect variant for spending time here! Tivoli is full of attractions and amazing sights. There are lots of different castles, gardens, waterfalls, cathedrals in this town. So, you have a wide choice of places and attractions to see. If you travel with children, you can be definitely sure that they will never get tired and bored in Tivoli.

First, we recommend you starting your journey by visiting several villas. One of them is Villa Adriana. It is of great historical importance because the emperor Adrian ruled the Roman Empire when he lived in this villa. Some of the most famous statues such as the Discobolus and the Diana of Versailles also were found here. The second one is Villa Gregoriana — amazingly beautiful park with breathtaking waterfalls (one of them is the main attraction of this villa), wonderful gardens and magical landscapes. You can just walk and find out something new at the same time. Our company has a perfect offer for you — using our guide`s services. The excursion is really interesting and fascinating. You can order it either by number +39-351-849-0434  or e-mail . The price of the excursion is from 180€ (transfer is not included).

There are some ways of getting to Tivoli from Civitavecchia: by taxi, train or bus. But our company also takes care of our client`s safety and comfort. That is why we offer you help with the transfer to Tivoli from the cruise port of Civitavecchia. You can choose and order any car on our website. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the level of service because:

  • the driver will meet you at the port;
  • comfort;
  • your personal and luggage safety;
  • there are always child seats, drinking water and Wi-Fi in the car.

The road will take you approximately 1 hour and a half.