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Civitavecchia.taxi is an excellent choice for those who value time and put a high level of service, comfort and safety in the first place. We are very attentive to each client and we consider all the wishes regarding the trip and the organization of transfers. Shortly speaking, we make your pastime on the road as quick and enjoyable as possible..

  • Drivers speak english
  • Meeting with a sign on board the liner
  • No prepayment – payment to the driver after the trip
  • Ability to pay with Master Card
  • We organize a tour for you with a professional guide

Travel anywhere in Italy


We were pleasantly surprised by the punctuality and courtesy of the driver. In Rome, they told a lot of interesting things about the city. Thanks to Victor.

Семья Анохиных - Поездка из Чивитавеккьи в Рим

Выражаю благодарность оператору Николаю за организацию поездки для моего бизнес партнера.

Владимир - Mercedes S-class

Заказала трансфер из Чивитавеккьи в аэропорт Фьюмичино онлайн, ответ незамедлительно пришел на e-mail, по телефону пообщалась с оператором, который прекрасно говорит по-русски. Автомобиль прибыл вовремя. Также порадовала новизна авто и бесплатный wi-fi.

Елена Муранова - Чивитавеккья-Аэропорт, авто мерседес е-класс

Our services are often used by tourists arriving at the cruise port of Civitavecchia. We will deliver you from Civitavecchia to anywhere in Italy with great joy and ease. The main advantage of our company is the fact that we meet passengers exactly at the side of the liner (we have a special license for this), while drivers of other companies will be waiting for you in the parking lot. In addition, we organize fascinating excursions with professional guides and provide transfers.

Cars. As for cars, you can order premium cars from us, for example, Mercedes S and Mercedes C. Besides, Maserati cars have recently appeared in our fleet, which is very rare for taxi services. All cars undergo routine inspection, look presentable and the interiors are kept perfectly clean.

The staff of drivers. Only high-class professionals in their field work for us. Each driver has many years of experience in the taxi industry, all of them are fluent in Russian and are perfectly oriented in Italy. If you want to know more about the city or about the country where you are heading, the driver will support the conversation and tell you about everything that interests you.

Facilities. We have already said that we care about quality, safety and, most importantly, about the comfort of customers during the trip. That is why our company provides additional services. In the cabin of each car there is high-speed Wi-Fi in case you need to work or chat online; drinking water – in Italy in the heat it is simply necessary; child seats – will be required when traveling with children; air conditioning – you can adjust the temperature in the cabin during the trip.

You can use the services of Civitavecchia Taxi company and find out the cost of the trip by phones +7-903-391-4465, +39-329-725-6761, through the free application form or e-mail info@civitavecchia.taxi. We will be very happy to see you!