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Ladispoli is a nice and kind town and comune near the Rome (35 kilometres from center of Rome), this town located in the central part of Italy, Lazio. Ladispoli is a seaside town. This town is not famous with greatest history, unforgettable architectures, art or places of interests. Why do people love Ladispoli and what advantages of this place make people to visit it? Just because of atmosphere of calmness, good weather, beautiful landscapes and the seaside. A lot of wonderful beaches for every taste, with different prices or free. There is an interesting specialty of this place is it’s black sand. Some people say that lying on this sand has a healing effect. Try by yourself! Another advantage of this town is beautiful nature. Beautiful woods and several reserves protected by the WWF. By the way, if you will go to Ladispoly second week of April, you will have a chance to participate the artichoke festival! It is the favorite day for connoisseurs of Italian cuisine.

Well, what places are required to visit? We recommend Castello Palo Odescalchi, Monumento Naturale Palude di Torre Flavia, Papeete Beach, Stabilimento Balneare la Baia Beach, La Villa Romana di Marina di Palo, La spiaggia di Palo, etc.

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